Strategic Plan

2017 - 2020

Our current strategic plan was approved by the Board of Directors on January 9, 2018.

Mission Statement

Together, we are the catalyst for a stronger business community.

Vision Statement

Position business to grow and prosper together.


The Chamber will:

  • Act with honesty, trust & integrity
  • Keep our members’ interests first
  • Be non-partisan and transparent
  • Behave in a fiscally responsible manner
  • Consider diversity to be an advantage

Strategic Intent: Advocacy

Advocating for a stronger business climate.


  • Government recognition, attention and interaction
  • Local media coverage of issues raised
  • Member interaction, engagement and feedback

Evaluation Plan

Qualitative measurements (not numbers)

  • Survey feedback on issues addressed
  • Member feedback tracking

Quantitative measurements (numbers)

  • Published reports on issues of concern
  • Number of meetings and correspondence with Government officials
  • Economic indicators (ie: TB Ventures report, etc)

Strategic Initiatives

1. Identify and prioritize advocacy issues that align to member needs.  Key considerations:

  • Does this negatively affect our competitiveness?
  • What is the magnitude of impact on local business and economy?
  • Do our members consider this a priority?

2. Promote the economic, social and environmental benefits of local purchasing (#ChooseTBayFirst)

3. City resource guide – who’s who and what do they do in City departments

Strategic Intent: Engagement

Connecting business to each other and the community.


  • Event participation
  • Online/social media participation
  • Membership retention

Evaluation Plan

Qualitative measurements (not numbers)

  • Feedback and suggestions from members

Quantitative measurements (numbers)

  • Increase in number of members (people) participating in registered events
  • Increase in number of companies participating in registered events

Strategic Initiatives

1.  Develop & deliver new event(s)/activities for no-cost engagement between members.

2.  Review taskforce structure to determine where additions may be beneficial.

3. Implement new business welcome program for openings and expansions.

4.  Implement two community-based engagement events in 2018.

Strategic Intent: Empowerment

Providing tools and opportunities that strengthen and inspire members.


  • Members are aware of Chamber resources
  • Members refer Chamber resources to other businesses

Evaluation Plan

Qualitative measurements (not numbers)

  • Awareness and use of M2M programs (anecdotal)

Quantitative measurements (numbers)

  • Usage of online training videos
  • Attendance at learning events
  • Number of complimentary members (start-ups) who become paying, active members
  • Number of aligned partner events

Strategic Initiatives

1. Develop and deliver a 1-year complimentary membership offering for start-up businesses that graduate from Starter Company and Co-Starter Programs offered by CEDC & NOIC and first year PARO members

2. Provide learning opportunities that support business growth.

3. Enhanced discount programs to save member businesses and their employees money.

4. Build “stronger together” brand by supporting community development initiatives.

Advocacy. Engagement. Empowerment.

Chamber activities are designed around our three Pillars of Service.
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Our Mission:

Together, we are the catalyst for a stronger business community.

Our Vision:

To position business to grow and prosper together.

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