Municipal Finances

The Issue: 

Our members tell us that they want the city to reduce non-essential services and focus on core municipal duties; to eliminate duplication and look to streamlined processes and new technologies to find efficiencies.

The Chamber has long advocated for a review of the city’s core services that would be the starting point of an informed, community-wide discussion on the future of municipal expenditures. This review would help to educate citizens about the number and cost of programs that the City must provide to meet Municipal Act obligations as well as the number and cost of non-mandated services. A conversation could then begin on the relative value of non-mandated municipal programs in our community’s pursuit of its strategic plan.

What We Do for You:  

  1. We monitor the City Council agenda for items related to this issue.
  2. We participate annually in pre-budget consultations with City Administration and City Council
  3. We maintain open dialogue with the City Manager and individual City Councillors on municipal finance issues as they arise.
  4. We keep our Members abreast of issues and concerns as they are identified.
  5. We developed the City of Opportunity platform for the 2018 municipal election and will be using it as a guide for our advocacy efforts with the City as we move forward.  Learn more about the platform here.

How You Can Participate:

  1. Share your views on city spending and taxation through our annual survey.
  2. Contact us with specific concerns, or to ensure you’re on our contact list for this issue.

The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce' advocacy work is made possible thanks to the generous support of our

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