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The Issue: 

Whether comparing to our Northern neighbours of Sudbury and Timmins or to Ontario communities with populations of over 100,000 people, Thunder Bay’s taxes trend above average which adds to the cost of living and doing business here.The combination of above average property tax rates for residential, commercial and industrial rate payers in a community with an aging population places our community and its City Council in a very tough spot. The Chamber of Commerce believes that it is vital to the growth of our city and the overall health of our community for City Council to look closely at the expense side of the ledger for solutions.

Your Chamber’s Position:

The Chamber has long advocated for an external Core Services Review that would be the starting point of an informed, community wide discussion on the future of municipal expenditures. Through the external Core Services Review, our community would learn the number and cost of programs that the City must provide to meet Municipal Act obligations. This would, in turn, educate Thunder Bay’s citizens on the number and cost of non-mandated services. A conversation could then begin on the relative value of non-mandated municipal programs in our community’s pursuit of its strategic plan.Cutting expenses should not be automatically assumed to result in service reductions. The private and public sector provide examples of creative service delivery changes that have simultaneously reduced costs and improved services. The rhetoric that each dollar cut brings an equal reduction in services or that cost control is just plain wrong and should not be accepted. Chamber Members don’t manage their businesses that way and they simply cannot accept that from any of their private or public sector suppliers.

What We’re Doing for You:  

  1. annual pre-budget consultations with the City to identify specific areas of concern and make recommendations for improvement

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This is a Municipal Issue.
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Charla Robinson, President

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