Value-Added Procurement

The Issue: 

In a context of fiscal restraint, public procurement is one of the primary tools with which government can have a material impact on growth and innovation in the broader economy. However, the government’s current approach to procurement undermines its capacity to do so.

The Province of Ontario should utilize every opportunity to leverage public sector procurement in transportation and transit development to spur innovation and support job creation in Canada

Our Goal:

To implement public sector procurement policies that increase value to the Ontario economy and spur innovation by according a ten percent preference to Canadian value -added economic activity including research and development and/or engineering activities on transportation and transit related procurements that are not subject to international trade agreements.

This is a Federal Issue.
Our local Members of Parliament:

Thunder Bay – Rainy River
Marcus Powlowski, MP

Thunder Bay – Superior North
Patty Hajdu, MP

This is a Provincial Issue.
Our local Members of Provincial Parliament:

Thunder Bay – Atikokan
Judith Monteith-Farrell

Thunder Bay – Superior North
Michael Gravelle, MPP

This is a Municipal Issue.
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Charla Robinson, President

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