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Local Media Part 3:

Duet on the Waterfront

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at the big picture: what do our local media do for us? Why are local businesses important to local news? Read on for a more detailed look at the companies that bring us the news and entertainment that keep our community connected.

As part of our series investigating the way Thunder Bay businesses support the local media we all enjoy, we interviewed Acadia Broadcasting, a Canadian company which operates Magic 99.9 and Country 105.3 here in Thunder Bay.

From a listener’s perspective, radio is simple: you push a button and sound comes out. In behind the scenes, though, radio is supported by a team of people responsible for everything from liaising with advertisers and community members to selecting music, producing the news and picking the jokes they’ll tell you on your way to work.

In Acadia Broadcasting’s offices overlooking the Marina, there are 27 full-time staffers making Magic and playing Country, including the on-air staff you recognize and the producers, clerical staff and salespeople you probably don’t. These are great jobs for Thunder Bay residents. Because the local stations are part of a larger company with larger resources, Acadia’s staffers enjoy a fantastic benefits package that includes matching pension and benefits, along with an employee profit-sharing program.

Giving Back
The management team at Acadia feels they have a corporate responsibility to give back as much as they can to the city that supports them. In addition to donating over a million dollars a year in free advertising for our charities and non-profit organizations, they see themselves as community connectors, responsible for the sharing of information between advertisers, community organizations, government and listeners.

Sometimes Acadia’s support of the community means donating advertising and airtime to support charities and fundraising events. In other cases it’s hands-on hard work. Take the annual Stuff-A-Bus project they run for Christmas Cheer for example; the project involves the whole team working together through eight months of event planning, partnership management and good old-fashioned elbow grease to raise over $100,000 in food and cash for the less fortunate in Thunder Bay.

Connecting Us
We depend on our local media to gather information, prioritize it according to the things they know are important to us, and share it back to us. In addition to the way they give back to the community at the economic level, Acadia’s two radio stations serve an important role in creating a community out of a bunch of people living near to each other. Together, Magic 99 and Country 105 connect over 60,000 people in Thunder Bay and in the surrounding region as far away as Nipigon and Atikokan, even halfway to Dryden up Highway 17.

The Shop-Local Connection

Country 105 and Magic 99.9 help small and large local businesses with custom marketing solutions to get their message out to thousands of Thunder Bay area residents. This partnership keeps consumer dollars in the community, which is a win-win for all of us.

Want to make sure sound comes out the next time you push that button? Choose the TBay advertisers that support your favourite radio stations. #ChooseTBayFirst and support the businesses that support our local media!

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