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Local Media Part 4: Good News Only

Coffee News

If you’ve spent any time waiting around in Thunder Bay, you’ve probably picked up a Coffee News. It was probably dog-eared from being read by many others by the time you read it and may even have had coffee stains on it, which is actually why we wanted to learn about this amazing little weekly publication for our next investigation into the way media and the local economy work together.

It may not be the biggest media business in town – in fact, it might be the teeniest – but Coffee News succeeds in a huge way at exactly what it strives to be: the sweetest.

Thunder Bay Coffee News is published by Bonnie Craig, a local entrepreneur who loves the “good news only” philosophy of the franchise. In addition to creating a job for Bonnie, the operation employs a team of part-time drivers to help with distribution and is a customer of other TBay businesses, including paper suppliers, designers and printers.

Connecting Us
As part of its good news philosophy, Thunder Bay Coffee News runs a What’s Happening section every week that’s free for local organizations. It’s a great way for readers to learn about the community, and for charities to promote their events. It’s also an amazing opportunity for other small businesses to advertise to the community, largely because it is a small operation and so space is affordable. It’s also effective, judging by the number of repeat advertisers. Bonnie estimates that each of the 3,200 weekly copies of the local Coffee News is read five or six times before it’s recycled – and recycling means delivering them to places like Meals on Wheels and St. Joseph Heritage, where they’ll be enjoyed one more time by folks with limited mobility before going into the blue bin.

The Shop-Local Connection
Just like any other sort of local media we enjoy, the materials and the work of assembling, laying out, printing, delivering and recycling the Thunder Bay Coffee News is funded by advertising paid for by Thunder Bay businesses. Want to make sure there’s a fresh (but already dog-eared) copy of Thunder Bay Coffee News waiting for you next time you’re waiting? #ChooseTBayFirst and support the businesses that support them!

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