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We’re so used to our local media that we don’t really think about them, but we’d notice pretty fast if they weren’t there.  This month we learned about the relationship between TBay’s media and TBay’s businesses and  got the scoop on some of the companies running the commercial radio stations, television stations, newspapers, magazines, news sites and e-zines that deliver us information and entertainment hand-picked by people who live here for the people who live here.

No matter what their size or their corporate structure, all of the commercial media companies we talked with had a few things in common.  All of them create employment.  All of them support community organizations by subsidizing or outright donating advertising.  All of them spend money with other TBay businesses, putting their own money back into the local economy.  All of them have loyal audiences of people in Thunder Bay who tune in, read on and click here to enjoy what they produce.  And every single one of them depends on a thriving local business community to be able to produce the quality local news and entertainment we love.

Most of our commercial media companies offer their content to the public for free.  Advertising is the reason we can read a media company’s paper or magazine, visit their website, watch their shows or listen to their radio stations without paying them for it.  Although some advertising dollars come from companies outside Thunder Bay, TBay businesses are what keep TBay’s media in business.

Back in September we introduced the idea of the Shop-Local Money-Back Guarantee.  This is a great example of how it works.  The online seller you’ve been checking out might offer a lower price, but not only are they not paying taxes on a storefront in Thunder Bay, creating Thunder Bay jobs or supporting local charities, they’re not helping to keep your favourite morning show on the air either.  

#ChooseTBayFirst and you’re choosing the businesses that keep our local media going.

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