March 2020 Recipient: Dew Drop Inn

100 People Who Care Campaign

At our first quarterly funding round-up of 2020, which was held on Facebook Live on March 18, the Dew Drop Inn was awarded the funding pool of $3300 to help pay for the installation of a fold-down receiving chute that lets volunteers easily move foodstuffs in and out of their basement cold-storage.

Nominations for our next 100 People Who Care funding round will open on Wednesday, June 17, 2020.  Interested in participating?  Learn more about the campaign here.

Precious Bundles’ Socks ‘n Underwear Program was nominated for the December 2019 funding by Emily Shandruk.

Next Meeting:

100 People Who Care – 2021 Third Quarter Meeting
Nominations open June 16 – 21. Donate now to nominate your favourite charity!
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