June 2019 Recipient: Evergreen - A United Neighbourhood

100 People Who Care Campaign

We held the second 100 People Who Care TBay quarterly funding round-up of 2019, on Facebook Live from Shelter House on June 22.  When the votes were counted we learned that Evergreen: A United Neighbourhood, nominated by Michael Quibell of St. Andrew’s Dew Drop Inn, had won this quarter’s funding.

We were very excited to meet Michael at Evergreen House on McKenzie Street last week to congratulate Evergreen’s Executive Director Linda Bruins and hand over the Big Cheque for $3500, which included a windfall $500 cash donation from an anonymous donor.

Linda wanted us to take a moment to thank Evergreen’s Membership sponsor, Innovated Solutions, for purchasing the Charity Connect Membership that made Evergreen eligible for this funding.  Evergreen was one of the first charities to join us under our new Charity Connect program this spring, and were the very first to be sponsored for Membership by a business Member.

Evergreen: A United Neighbourhood aims to enhance the capacities and mobilize the strengths of the people living in the Simpson-Ogden neighbourhood in an effort to create a vibrant, prosperous, inclusive, resilient, healthy and clean community.  They run a community garden in the area as well as Evergreen House, which provides a drop-in centre where kids can hang out safely after school during the school year and during the day in the summer.

Interested in learning more about Evergreen and the great work they do for the community?  Visit their website or join them on Facebook for more info.

Nominations for our next 100 People Who Care funding round will open on Wednesday, September 11, 2019.  Interested in participating?  Learn more about the campaign here.