February 2019 Recipient: Shelter House - SOS Program

100 People Who Care Campaign

At our first quarterly meeting of 2019, held on February 20th at the Foundry, the TBay 100 People Who Care group elected to donate the funds raised to Shelter House’s SOS Program.

As the new administrators for this campaign, we were very excited to present this first donation and get to know Shelter House a little better.   A total of $2,600 was raised, including a number of contributions that came in after the event was over.

Chamber Director and campaign supporter Matt Pearson met with Shelter House’s Executive Director Michelle Jordan and Development Officer Amber Prairie on Friday, March 1 to give them the good news.

We learned two important things from them about the SOS (Street Outreach Services) Program:

1. The SOS program operates year-round.  It isn’t just for bringing people in from the cold, although that’s been really important over the past couple of months.  Essentially, they’re community connectors, helping people at risk get access to the community services they require.  Sometimes they can offer those services themselves, like warm blankets or food or harm reduction supplies; the other times, they know which agencies to call for help.

2. The program is dependent on donations like ours to operate.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn more first-hand when they join us at our next event on June 19 to tell us about the program our donation has supported.

Learn more about the SOS (Street Outreach Services) Program on the Shelter House website.

Next Meeting: