A Little History

Much like Thunder Bay itself, the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce began as two entities which later joined together.  The Port Arthur Board of Trade was established in 1885 and in 1891 the Fort William Chamber of Commerce opened its doors.  The two organizations amalgamated in 1965 to become the Lakehead Chamber of Commerce; five years later, in 1970, it was renamed The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce.

The Lakehead Chamber of Commerce, of the Cities of Port Arthur and Fort William were registered with the Department of the Secretary of State of Canada in Ottawa on December 22, 1964 under the Boards of Trade Act, Chapter 18, R.S.C. 1952.  The original Certificate of Formation and Memorandum of Agreement is entered on Film 163, Document 231.

The Chamber was incorporated on August 7, 1979.  The Ontario Corporation number is 422405.