Apprenticeships & Skills Development

The Issue: 

Expanding Ontario’s skilled trades labour pool is critical to the successful transformation of Ontario’s economy. Skilled trades are fundamental to creating value as a base for economic activity in all businesses in the province.Northern Ontario is poised for a period of unprecedented growth, as new mineral discoveries and rejuvenation of the forestry sector combine to create increased labour shortages.

Our Goal: 

To initiate a pilot project that addresses the unique challenges of Northern Ontario related to apprenticeship development.Implement a strategy to reform ratios to mirror apprenticeship programs in British Columbia and Alberta to make Ontario competitive with jurisdictions that are drawing our talent away from Ontario.Immediately begin coordination of federal and provincial funding initiatives to meet skilled labour demands through education and incentives for employers.

This is a Provincial Issue.
Our local Members of Provincial Parliament:

Thunder Bay – Atikokan
Judith Monteith-Farrell

Thunder Bay – Superior North
Michael Gravelle, MPP

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