Notice to Members: Slate Approved for Board Election

In accordance with Section 4:17 of the By-Laws of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce, the Board of Directors has approved the following slate of nominees to fill (4) four positions open for the 2020-2023 term.

  • Andrew Bishop – Resolute Forest Products
  • Christine Costa-Wilson – Lakehead University Conference Services
  • Andrew Dean – Lakehead University
  • Jen Duggan – ITEC 2000 Equipment Inc
  • Nadine Kelly – Breakfast Lunch & Deener
  • Bryan Wilson – Impala Canada Lac des Iles Mine

The general membership may exercise their option to nominate additional members who would then stand for election against the above listed individuals for one of the four positions.

Additional nominations, which must be consented to in writing, with 10 signatures of ten other members in good standing.  Nominations must be received in the Chamber office by Monday, August 31, 2020.  Please contact the Chamber office for an official nomination form for signatures.

If you have any questions, please call the Chamber office at 624-2626.

* * * *


  • A Board Director must be willing to assume an active, enthusiastic and positive attitude towards the principles and program of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce.
  • A Board Director will actively represent and promote the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce and our community in all areas of business and service as directed by the Chamber’s Mission Statement.
  • A Board Director must attend the monthly Board of Directors meetings held on the second Tuesday of each month (excluding July and August).

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