Candidate Profile: Bryan Wilson (Impala Canada Lac des Iles Mine)

I am pleased to put forward my name for consideration as a Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce Director. As an engaged resident in Northern and Northwestern Ontario for the past 35 years I know that Thunder Bay is a great community and has much to offer businesses and the people of our city. I get to see this value first hand; as a General Manager of a mining operation just north of city, and as an entrepreneur who has established and grown small business ventures. The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce has a proven record for connecting businesses, local organizations and the community. I am a firm believer that we can get more done and advance our individual objectives, when we’re able to find a common goal and work together. From my experience with the Chamber and the initiatives it offers each year, this is exactly what it’s doing – it is finding common ground for us all so we can grow and contribute to a stronger, more sustainable Thunder Bay.

I’ve worked in the mining industry for 34 years, 19 of them in management. In April 2014 I joined Impala Canada’s Lac des Iles Mine and am responsible for leading and managing the company’s entire operation of 700+ employees.

I am relentless in ensuring the health of safety of my employees and everyone on site. Health and safety have always been key priorities and I am proud to have lead a team that improved Lac des Iles’ safety metrics across the board. Under my operational leadership the business experienced a significant turnaround from a challenged entity to a profitable mine site.

Volunteering and sharing sector best practices have always been important aspects of my professional activities. I have sat on multiple committees throughout my career and am currently Chair of the Ontario Mining Association Mine Mangers Committee. I’m a passionate individual. I love this city and am excited about how big its future can be. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute, engage and learn from the Chamber of Commerce and the work it takes on in service of the Thunder Bay community.