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What a wonderful way to get to know other Chamber Members!

On Wednesday, May 22, twenty of us got together at Shelter House to prepare and serve about 200 Hot Hamburger Nips for dinner at Shelter House.  Brigitte Tremblay, owner at La Poutine, worked with Chamber staff for a couple of weeks in advance to plan a menu and organize us all when we got there, and five businesses donated ingredients.  We started just before 5, and were out of the kitchen at about 8:30.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves – many hands make light work!  Not only did we get a chance to work together and get to know one another over shared tasks, we learned about a bunch of different ways the  business community can support the essential work Shelter House does: 

  • save your plastic food containers – like large yogurt, margarine, sour cream and ice cream tubs – and drop them off.  Shelter House needs ways to save leftovers, and some people need to be able to take food away.
  • when you’re travelling, raid the hotel toiletries shelf for soaps, shampoo and conditioner.  A little bit of soap can make a big difference to someone who doesn’t have regular access.
  • bring your work team to cook a lunch or dinner.  It’s really fun, and a great way to grow relationships between co-workers.

We’ll try to plan another meal prep event in the next couple of months; contact us if you’d like to be involved.

Learn more about Shelter House on their website.

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Thanks to the businesses that donated ingredients:

B&B Farms donated 200lbs of potatoes.
The Sweet North Bakery donated fresh bread.
Cav-Tal Foods donated 30lbs of carrots and 30lbs of frozen peas.
Brent Park Store donated 50lbs of ground beef.
Sysco Thunder Bay donated gravy base and cole slaw fixins and Brigitte from La Poutine led our kitchen team..