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upcoming events and volunteer opportunities

Looking for ways to give back to the community?  Attending or volunteering at charity Chamber Member events is a great way to support the organizations doing good works in Thunder Bay, and is a great way to get connected with others interested in making our city stronger.

Please contact our charity Members directly for more information about these events and volunteer opportunities – you’ll find more information in each event or volunteer listing.

Upcoming Charity Member Events


Volunteer Opportunities

What’s this?

In 2017 the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce adopted a new slogan:  stronger business together.  We believe this sentiment holds true for everyone;  we’re all stronger when we work together.  With this in mind, we began reaching out to our charity Members to learn how we could serve them better, and to our business Members to learn how we could help them help our local charities.  Feedback from this outreach continues to tell us that there is an important role for the Chamber to play in helping to strengthen connections between business and charity programs as well as facilitating new opportunities for them to work together.

stronger business.  stronger charities.  stronger community.  together.

Our Charity Connect program is designed to help us support community good works by gathering and sharing information, engaging people in volunteerism and raising funds for Member charities.  Learn more about the four pillars of the program and how you can get involved here.