Candidate Profile: Christine Costa-Wilson (Lakehead University Conference Services)

Having lived in Northwestern Ontario my entire life and considered Thunder Bay my home for the last 25 years, I am invested in making this community the best it can be. Through my various roles in the events industry, I have always strove to share the wonders offered by this city with the world at large. I believe this community has a lot to offer, and I would like to continue to improve it by offering my expertise to the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

In my current position as Director of Food and Conference Services at Lakehead University, I have seen the changes within our community on both a micro and macro level. With each year of incoming students comes a fresh outlook and impression on this city, and I have worked diligently to ensure we are putting our best foot forward. I have extensive experience in policy administration, student engagement and advocacy, sustainability initiatives, and event planning and risk assessment, all of which I believe will greatly benefit the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce.

Having worked my way up from the beginnings of the department to being a Director who spans two campuses, I know the palpable change that hard work can bring and am grateful for the opportunity to share this drive with the Chamber of Commerce.

Just as important as my job experience is my lived experience. From the moment I moved to Thunder Bay in 1995, I have called it home. Raising a family and seeing it grow around me has granted an ever evolving appreciation for the city, and I want to continue to see it grow for the sake of my children. I look forward to the opportunity to foster even more growth in this community through the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.