Free On-Street Parking at Meters

To facilitate easy and timely pick-up and drop off at local businesses, on street parking at metered spaces is free for a maximum of two hours until April 30. All other parking rules continue to apply.

The City will be suspending the aging process for City parking tickets received as of March 1, 2020, until April 30, 2020. At this time the ‘freeze’ on aging tickets will be reviewed. This suspension on aging means citizens can delay payments on parking tickets without fear of escalating fines or license plates numbers being sent Ministry of Transportation for plate denial.

The Parking Authority is still accepting payments for any tickets by mail, in our drop-boxes (located outside both Parkades), or in-person by appointment only.
Call 625-2370 to make an appointment.
Currently, only debit or credit will be accepted for in-person visits, no cash payment.

For more information on public transit and other changes to city provided services please see the City of Thunder Bay’s Website.