Reason No. 17:

Make Sure it Fits Right

We’ve been spending a lot of time lately talking about the way your money comes back to you when you #ChooseTBayFirst. Unfortunately, there’s a negative side to this discussion: the bad things that can happen when you *don’t* buy from a TBay business.This may not be a money-back guarantee, but it’s definitely related to value.

A bargain you buy online often stops being a bargain when you have to return it because it fits poorly – online companies don’t typically refund the shipping.

On the other hand, when you shop at a hometown business, you avoid any of that. And there’s often a salesperson handy to grab you the size you need, suggest accessories or – perish the thought – tell you honestly if those pants really do make your backside look big.

Whether you’re shopping at stand-alone stores like J.B. Evans Fashions & Footwear, Street Legal Clothing Company and Swartz Fine Fashions or at the retailers of Intercity Shopping Centre, buying from a TBay business will support local jobs, local taxes, local charities and local arts and culture. Sounds like a good fit for everyone.

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