Shop-Local Case Study:

isc - Intercity Shopping Centre

Consider, the next time you find yourself shopping on one of the giant online retailers’ sites, that their contribution to the economic well-being of our city is about $0.00.

On the other hand, there’s Intercity Shopping Centre, another of our case studies for the Shop Local Money-Back Guarantee this month. This example was a really cool one because of the effect Intercity has on local employment, both beneath the mall roof and outside of it.

Here are the top 5 things our local mall does for us:

  1. Intercity is one of the top 10 taxpayers in the community, paying a City tax bill of over $4 million every year. They estimate that by 2019 they will be paying $5 million. That’s enough to cover about half the cost of our local EMS, according to the City’s 2016 budget.

  2. They provide a comfortable, year-round space and make it available for free for our local charities to meet with the public to educate and fund-raise. Over $200,000 a year is raised on the premises at Intercity every year, and the mall staff themselves raise upwards of $30,000 a year for charities like United Way of Thunder Bay and Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation.

  3. The mall and merchants together support over 1,200 jobs, many of which are held by students working to pay for a post-secondary education. These jobs are often a training ground for young people, teaching them people skills and work ethics.

  4. Intercity supports other local businesses. In addition to jobs on the premises, Intercity sources services from TBay firms most people never support directly. For example, the gorgeous design for Intercity’s recent re-branding was done by hometown firm Korkola Design, which depends on work from businesses like Intercity to support its staff of 11.
    Without clients like Intercity, there would be no design firms like Korkola. Without design firms like Korkola, there would be no well-paying jobs in graphic and web design for artful, upcoming young people in our city… some of which may be working at our mall right now.

  5. Intercity merchants let you try stuff on, sniff it, pull it, stretch it, and generally inspect it to your heart’s content before you ever go near a till. If you do have to return something, it’s a short hop back to the sales counter with no return shipping and no restocking fee.

#ChooseTBayFirst and support our local mall!

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