Local Media Part 2:

The People On the Hill

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at the big picture:  what do our local media do for us?  Why are local businesses important to local news?  Read on for a more detailed look at the companies that bring us the news and entertainment that keep our community connected.

The largest company we talked to in our research into this sector was Dougallmedia, which is actually a group of media companies working collaboratively to operate several media outlets out of their offices on Hill Street:

  • Rock94, 91.5 CKPR and Energy 103 104 radio stations in Thunder Bay
  • CFNO Radio in the North Superior region
  • Thunder Bay Television – CKPR (CTV) and CHFD (Global) stations
  • Thunder Bay Source weekly paper
  • Tbnewswatch.com

Altogether, the Dougallmedia companies employ 120 people in Thunder Bay, including on-air personalities and writers, production staff of all sorts, clerical staff and advertising salespeople.  Most of these jobs are full-time and they have a great benefits package that supports healthy families.  Lots of their staff are lifetimers who have worked there for nearly 40 years.  For others, Dougallmedia has been an important training ground on the way to ambitious careers.

Giving Back
In addition to providing us with information and entertainment, the Dougallmedia companies support a lot of great causes in the community, donating advertising space and staff time to the tune of well over $2 million a year in support of local music, arts, sports, charities, schools and government initiatives, helping the organizations that knit our community together keep us informed.  Dougallmedia has also donated over $200,000 in cash to community organizations in the past five years, including a $100,000 donation made in support of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre; Confederation College scholarships and donations to organizations like Magnus Theatre, the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra and the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium.

Connecting Us
We depend on our local media to gather information, prioritize it according to the things they know are important to us, and share it back to us.  More than 78,000 people in Thunder Bay rely on Dougallmedia’s three radio stations for news, music and entertainment, and another 30,000 North Shore residents listen to CFNO.  Their television Newshour airs every weeknight and reaches an average of 19,500 people every time it airs.  The Source, their free weekly newspaper, is delivered to 44,500 homes in Thunder Bay, and TBNewswatch.com gets over 2.2 million page views a month, 76% of which are local people.

The Shop-Local Connection
Like all commercial media, Dougallmedia’s radio, tv, print and web products are funded by advertising, most of which is paid for by businesses right here in TBay.  When you see or hear commercials or notice ads beside the story you’re reading, you’re learning about the businesses that make it possible for Dougallmedia’s writers to write, their djs to chat and their cameras to roll.

Want to ensure your favourite Dougallmedia products are still there the next time you look for them?  Visit their advertisers and let them know you’re listening, watching or reading.  #ChooseTBayFirst and support the businesses that support our local media.

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