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As part of our exploration of Thunder Bay’s manufacturing sector, we took a side-trip into the digital realm and got to know Sencia Canada a little better.  In this day and age we’d be remiss not to consider businesses that develop intellectual property as manufacturers in their own right.  Manufacturers like Sencia take the raw resources of human intelligence and imagination and turn them into websites, graphics, software and other intangible products that they market all over the world.

We met recently with Joe Quaresima, who started Sencia in 2001 with business partner Irene Kozlowski.  From the tiny office they began with, they’ve grown to rent 2,800 square feet from a local landlord for their office space and data centre. They’ve become a significant employer in terms of small local business, with 20 staff members including graphic designers, code developers, network support personnel and project managers.

A lot of the work Sencia does is for clients outside of our local market, which means they’re actually importing revenue into our economy where it trickles back to everyone in one way or another. Consider the dividend paid to the City by TBayTel, where Sencia spends thousands of dollars every month for their data connections, or the jobs they support by investing their office and hardware budgets with local partners like Lowerys and MicroAge. The size of their team means more efficiencies, too, so they can find the time to do pro bono work for local charities and women’s shelters.

Sencia is a great example of a successful business most of the public has never heard of, because their customers are other businesses. Chances are, unless you’re a business owner or you know someone who works at Sencia, you’ll never buy anything from them.  Who you will buy from, on the other hand, are the businesses that hire Sencia and other local businesses like Sencia.

Love this success story?  You can be a part of it.  As Joe says, it’s important to #ChooseTBayFirst to support a sustainable, rich quality of life in Thunder Bay.   By choosing TBay retailers, you’re supporting a whole chain of businesses and jobs that exist to support them.  You might never purchase anything with Sencia, but you can check out these three fine TBay businesses who support them!


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