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A Wellness Series Exclusively for Chamber Members

5 of 7: Coping Strategies to Prevent or Overcome Burnout

This 7-part virtual wellness series will engage participants in making changes in thinking and habits to build resilience, cope with the ever-changing landscape of life, manage stressors and build healthier relationships.  Drawn from decades of lived experience, the science of wellbeing and principles of positive psychology, this series will inspire and transform.

Sessions run from 10am – 11am on the second Tuesday of each month.

5 of 7: Coping Strategies to Prevent or Overcome Burnout

Tuesday, February 8  |  10am – 11am
Burnout is contagious, spreading like wildfire through families, teams, and organizations, the silent thief that robs productivity, purpose and meaning to the point of becoming cynical and doubting our abilities. There is a way back and while healing starts with the individual, immunity from burnout requires a village. Bring a team member and explore expectations, communicating boundaries, asking for help, and self-care.

Session Registration
Tues Feb 8
10am – 11am

Member Rate:  $15 +hst

Member Team of 7:  $90 +hst
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