February 2019 Nominees

100 People Who Care Campaign

Two nominations have been made for this funding round!

1)  The Salvation Army Community & Residential Services:  Journey To Life Centre capital campaign

The new Journey to Life Centre is a stepping stone to a better place.  In the Journey to Life Program, participants will develop the tools and abilities they need to become more independent through individualized educational, job skills, and life skills programming. This will give them the opportunity to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.  Learn more: https://satbcars.com/journey-to-life-centre-capital-campaign

2)  Shelter House:  SOS Program

The SOS Team, which is a highly trained, skilled team of compassionate people, is out on the road everyday. This team will be out in teams of two from 2PM – 2AM daily, offering their services to homeless, intoxicated and high risk people in our community.  The team answers calls from individuals, businesses, emergency service providers and other agencies. These calls can be made by anyone who wants to help people move to a safer, warmer location better suited to their needs. The SOS team works closely with many agencies in the community including the Thunder Bay Police, Emergency Services, the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre and Balmoral Withdrawal Management Centre to ensure prompt access to services that people may need.  Learn more:  http://www.shelterhouse.on.ca/article/sos-program-480.asp

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