Municipal Candidates Respond to City of Opportunity Platform

October 2018

Charla Robinson, President

In August, we launched our election platform which highlights three pillars that we believe are the foundation of a strong city and outlines ten actions that we want the next Council to take to build a “City of Opportunity” and to foster a ‘culture of yes’ at City Hall. We believe that by adopting the pillars of visionary leadership, economic opportunity and quality of life and implementing the 10 recommended actions, our next Council can build a City of Opportunity for everyone.

Over the past 5 weeks, we have reached out to Candidates to educate them about our City of Opportunity platform and to ask them to ‘say yes’ to our recommendations. The response has been extremely positive with 90% of Candidates completing the survey! In addition, our one-on-one discussions have planted seeds of collaboration and have helped us create a better understanding of the concerns of Chamber Members with those seeking to represent us at City Hall.

Candidate responses to our City of Opportunity platform are now available online.  This information has been supplied by the candidates themselves and in no way constitutes the endorsement of any candidate by the Chamber of Commerce. We hope that their responses are helpful to you, our Members, as you prepare to cast your vote.

We are continuing to build community support for the City of Opportunity platform. We invite everyone who finds value in these pillars and actions to endorse the platform and to join and share the conversation on social media.  The time is now to say ‘yes’ to a City of Opportunity!

The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce' advocacy work is made possible thanks to the generous support of our

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