to be submitted to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce at the 2019 Annual General Meeting in September, 2019

Charla Robinson, President

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) AGM & Convention is THE opportunity for chambers of commerce to present their member businesses’ key concerns to our cross-country network. The resolutions adopted pave the way to foster a stronger economic environment for business and will be presented to the federal government and shape our public policy objectives for the upcoming year. Over the coming weeks, we will highlight the numerous policy items that we have sponsored for discussion at the upcoming September meeting of CCC delegates.

Infrastructure Investment Essential to Mining Sector Growth 

The lack of adequate infrastructure is the most significant obstacle to mining development in Canada.  Inadequate infrastructure has been the primary barrier to developing some of Canada’s most promising mineral discoveries such as the Ring of Fire.  Greater investments in the necessary infrastructure is needed to help relieve the current financial burden of construction costs placed on mining companies and to unlock the vast potential of Canadian communities and mineral deposits. 

 Your Chamber has submitted a policy recommendation that calls on the federal government to establish enhanced funding partnerships and innovative funding models to invest in the transportation, energy and information infrastructure that will promote mining sector growth.  We’re also encouraging all orders of governments, Indigenous communities and private industry to better coordinate their infrastructure planning and spending to support economic development. 

Read the full policy resolution here.

Supporting Canada’s Flight Schools
Projections by the Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace indicate that the Canadian Aviation industry will face a shortfall of close to 3,000 pilots by the year 2025. Due to the negative impact of pilot shortages in Thunder Bay and across Northwestern Ontario, your Chamber has submitted a policy recommendation that calls on the Government of Canada to make numerous specific changes that will support flight schools, modernize flight training regulations, and encourage immigration by foreign pilots.

Read the full resolution here.

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