2020 Municipal Budget

Charla Robinson, President

It’s budget time again for our community! The 2020 City of Thunder Bay budget has been released and City Manager Norm Gale will present the Long Term Financial Overview on Wednesday, January 8th. The following day, the Chamber will be making a budget deputation to Council to outline business perspectives and suggestions. Council will begin its intensive review of the numbers on January 14th.

The starting point for budget deliberations is a 3.17% tax levy increase which equals $6.1 million in new spending and would bring the total tax funded spending to $200.2 million. There will also be a 4% increase to both water and wastewater rates for 2020.

The Chamber will be recommending an approach that is highlights three key areas:

  • Transparency – we need clarity on where the money is being spent and what improved outcomes are expected from those investments
  • Accountability – ensuring that these budget decisions align with the ongoing Program & Service Review drivers, themes and directions
  • Efficiency – focusing on enhancements to technology, human resources, policies and procedures to achieve best value and improved customer service

I welcome Member feedback on this important issue. In addition, you can add your voice to the City budget dialogue on the city’s website until February 3rd.

Visionary Leadership

  • foster community outreach, consultation and collaboration
  • provide fiscal transparency and a costing analysis of individual City services
  • enact financial goals and accountability
  • develop a road-map for Thunder Bay
    Learn more about the Visionary Leadership pillar.

Economic Opportunity

Quality of Life

  • work with stakeholder groups to develop long-term strategies for addressing homelessness, addiction, mental illness and crime
  • reform by-laws in support of sustainable neighbourhoods
  • build a culture of respect and diversity
    Learn more about the Quality of Life pillar.

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