City Approves Patio Program Changes; Fees Waived and Process Expedited for Approvals

June 16, 2020

A report recommending ways that the City can help restaurants and retailers set up outdoor patios or displays was approved by City Council last night, including waiving permit fees and specific zoning enforcement, and expediting the process for owners.

Applicants that wish to use City owned land are required to meet certain minimum specifications and enter into an agreement with the City.

Use of a portion of private parking lots for outdoor patios need only to be registered with the City.

The patio opportunities include:
‐ Patios in private parking lots or other hard surfaces;
‐ Patios in municipal parking lots;
‐ Pop up patio structures in the parking lane;
‐ Patio space in the parking lane directly on the asphalt where accessibility standards can be met (typically wide streets with one lane of traffic in the applicable direction and a curb height of 150mm +/‐);
‐ Sidewalk patios (where clearance for pedestrians can be maintained);
‐ Possible street closures to enable dining areas on streets within Business Improvement/ Business Association areas.

Business owners are expected to follow public health guidelines in terms of capacity numbers and physical distancing. To register to expand or create new patios or display areas, or to submit an application, visit: www.thunderbay.ca/patio.