Broadening Horizons

Celine Natalie is a kinesiology student – but she had a realization that the possibilities of her program go far beyond sports-related subject matter. Mark Mosley, a respiratory technician at Medical Diagnostics and Consulting, had a history of great co-ops with kinesiology students, and Celine was no exception!

Why Host Placement Students?

Engage with young talent early on in the recruiting process.

Trial new talent before committing to a hire or a formal apprenticeship.

Develop your own talent pool – help shape the kind of employees you want.

Support young, enthusiastic and skilled students.

Bring youth perspective to your business.

Increase awareness of your company within the community.

Learn More Below About:

  • High School Placements
    Give students with entry-level skills a chance to explore their fields of interest before they make post-secondary commitments.
  • College Placements
    Give students with new skills the opportunity to practice their craft under your experienced guidance.
  • University Placements
    Employ highly-motivated students from many different disciplines through project-based and short-term contracts.
  • Funding Opportunities for College and University Placements
    To offset the cost of hiring the Government of Canada’s Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) could provide you with a wage subsidy of up to $7500 per hire.
Experience Learning: The Virtual Workplace – August 2021

Experience Learning: The Virtual Workplace – August 2021

Mary Rose Jensen is majoring in accounting at Lakehead University, but interned as a marketer during her co-op at Animal Care Systems.  Her placement was a true remote experience, with supervisors operating out of Denver and Vancouver, giving Mary Rose continent-spanning new connections.

Experience Learning: The Tik-Tok Guru – July 2021

Experience Learning: The Tik-Tok Guru – July 2021

Georgia Champagne is a Confederation College student finishing her placement with Shout! Media.  Her placement has given her a chance to develop her mastery of a new social platform, and her employers benefited from her youth perspective and expertise!

High School Placements

  • unpaid
  • WSIB is paid by the Ministry of Education
  • students work 3 hours a day Mon – Fri for 14 weeks, typically September through January or February through June
  • skill levels vary
School Contacts - Lakehead Public Schools

Hammarskjold High School
(807) 767-1631

Superior C.& V.I.
(807) 768-7284

Westgate C.&V.I.
(807) 577-4251

School Contacts - Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board

Saint Ignatius High School 
285 Gibson Street
Thunder Bay, Ontario P7A 2J6
Tel: (807) 344-8433
Fax: (807) 345-1237
email: stignatius@tbcschools.ca

Saint Patrick High School 
621 S. Selkirk Street
Thunder Bay, Ontario P7E 1T9
Tel: (807) 623-5218
Fax: (807) 622-0164
email: stpatrick@tbcschools.ca

School Contacts - CSDC des Aurores boréales

Nathalie Bédard, Placement Coordinator

Telephone : (807) 344-8866
FAX : (807) 345-2662

School email: escdlv@csdcab.on.ca

ÉSC de La Vérendrye
175, High street North
Thunder Bay ON
P7A 8C7

School Contacts - Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School (NNEC)

Heather Lammers, Placement Coordinator


Why Host a
High-School Co-op?

Support young, enthusiastic and skilled students

Work with a student/potential employee on a trial basis before committing to them as an apprentice

WSIB Covered and no salary required

Increase awareness of your company within the community

Placements From Confederation College

  • A mix of paid and unpaid placements
  • WSIB is covered by the employer
  • Semester-long placements (approx. 4 months, full-time)
  • Students have developed competency in their skill-sets and are looking to improve them through practical experience under your guidance
Placement Coordinator Contact Information

More info at confederationcollege.ca

Melissa Covello
Academic Work Placement Liaison
Co-op & Work Placements, Confederation College

The Magnet Student Work Placement Program

Employers hiring post-secondary students can receive up to $7,500 in wage subsidies.

Learn more.


Placements From Lakehead University

There are two offices involved in student work experiences at Lakehead University.

Co-op & Work Placement Services

Lakehead University’s Co-operative Education program has a continuous cycle throughout the year, which includes job postings, interviewing and selection. This allows employers to engage with highly qualified and skilled candidates in an efficient way.

    Co-op & Work Placement Services Contact Information
    For more information about Co-operative Education, please contact coop@lakeheadu.ca or (807) 343-8010 ex. 7190

    Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Placements

    WIL at Lakehead University offers employers four different ways to involve students in the workplace.  These options are designed to give students experience in specific business tasks, activities or projects that will help prepare them for potential employment in their industry or discipline. 

    • Placement options include:
      • Unpaid, For-Credit Work-Integrated Field Placement
      • Paid Site Placements
      • Paid Site Projects
      • In-class Projects and Cases
    • Students are enrolled in Lakehead’s Business program or Entrepreneurship Certificate program
    • Available to private and public-sector employers
    • A mix of paid and unpaid placements
    • Employer is responsible for WSIB coverage
    Work-Integrated Learning Contact Information

    Learn more about this program at https://wil.lakeheadu.ca/

    If you would like to submit a project or placement proposal, or would like further information please contact:

    Maryann Kleynendorst, MSc(Mgmt)
    Experiential Learning Navigator