May/Early June Results Available: COVID-19 Business Impact Survey

July 7, 2020

In April we launched a series of surveys with our partner organizations that assess the effects COVID-19 is having on business in the Thunder Bay District.  The results help steer government responses, and can be of value to businesses looking to the future. 

We’ve now analyzed the first two months of data, and in the report released today by our partners at the Northern Policy Institute we learned a number of things that might interest you:

  • the percentage of respondents rating the strategic risk that COVID-19 poses to the long-term prospects of their business as highly or medium negative was lower compared to the April results
  • more locals are adapting to the new reality and implementing measures in order to be able to operate under public health guidelines
  • a wealth of recommendations was received from employers on how different levels of government can help them get through the pandemic

Read the full report at https://www.northernpolicy.ca/mayearly-june-business-survey.

The findings that come from this survey are important because they provide government and organizations like ours and our partners at the Thunder Bay CEDC, Northern Policy Institute and the North Superior Workforce Planning Board with an understanding of how businesses are faring during COVID-19, and how we can help.