Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) Consultation Seeks Input

May 27, 2020

To continue to respond to the needs of Canadians, the Government of Canada has launched a consultation process to seek information and feedback from businesses of all sizes, in every sector, labour representatives, not-for-profits, and charities on how the CEWS program can be adapted to save as many Canadian jobs as possible. All adjustments to the program, including the 30% revenue reduction threshold, are aimed to maximize employment, ensure the CEWS reflects the immediate needs of your business, and support the post-crisis economic recovery.

Have your say! To participate in this consultation:

  1. Share your experience by taking a short survey or,
  2. Provide in-depth feedback to this email (fin.cews-succ.fin@canada.ca) using the guiding questions below:
  1. Are there specific challenges associated with the CEWS program? For example, are there challenges with respect to its accessibility, its incentive impacts, or any other aspect?
  2. What adjustments to the CEWS would you propose to provide the right level of support to those most affected by the pandemic while supporting the economic recovery?
  3. Would adding complexity to the CEWS program be acceptable in order to expand access to this support, or better target support to those who need it?
  4. To what extent are employers using the CEWS to provide support to furloughed employees as compared to using it as a means to pay active employees? Do employers value maintaining ties with furloughed employees by keeping them on the payroll? Should the level of support for furloughed employees be the same as for active employees?
  5. What are the key barriers to rehiring workers recently laid off due to the pandemic?
  6. Are there specific factors that are preventing or discouraging employers from applying for the CEWS?
  7. If you are a seasonal business, are there any unique challenges you are facing in relation to the CEWS?

The consultations will close on June 5, 2020.