Al's RV Service and Repairs

Keeping RV Owners Happy & Satisfied For Over 40 Years

Al Swerhun is no stranger to recreation vehicles. For over 40 years, he has been repairing, servicing and rebuilding RV’s. For Al, the journey began at the age of 13 when he began working at his father’s RV Dealership.

“Starting at a young age, I developed a strong appreciation for quality & customer service. If my name is attached to something, I take pride in it.”

After working in the family dealership for over 26 years, Al decided it was time for a change. That change took him to several different dealerships, however something was still missing and in 2007 he decided to open his own RV service & repair shop. “I really value the one-on-one interaction I get with my customers. I can ensure that they are satisfied with the work.”

Since opening in 2007, the company has expanded its 3075 Alice Avenue location in order to keep up with the growing customer demand. Never one to settle, Al continues to to challenge and update his expertise through RV factory schooling to ensure the best quality service.

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