Intercity Industrial Supply

“Heavy Duty Done.”

Supply. Repair. Logistics.

Intercity Industrial, an integral part of Thunder Bay for more than 53 years, is trusted for our well-stocked supply of name-brand industrial and commercial products. We focus on supplying Northwestern Ontario’s industries with everything needed for projects, including:

  • construction supplies
  • machine shop supplies
  • industrial work clothing
  • safety supplies
  • rental equipment
  • welding supplies
  • compressed gases
  • logistics planning and warehousing

Situated on 1.5 acres of land with over 45,000 sq ft (8,131 sq m) of space, we occupy five industrial buildings with an unsurpassed inventory at our disposal. Intercity Industrial’s team has the experience, knowledge and training to provide efficient product delivery solutions without incurring additional facility or manpower costs. Our logistics planning and warehousing center carefully orchestrates the storage and transportation of products to meet your on-site requirements.

Intercity also serves a large geographic marketing ranging from Sault Ste Marie to the Manitoba border. Recent export opportunities have introduced a new customer base to Intercity and will ensure continued growth in the future.
Intercity is a member of the IBC/IDI Group, which represents the independent group members on a national level. This membership is instrumental in negotiating preferred pricing for our customers, as well as representing Intercity in national supply agreements. Our combined sales efforts now reach over two billion dollars, yet we maintain all of the advantages and service levels of a local business.
Intercity is truly a complete, diversified organization with the commitment and motivation to serve customers efficiently and effectively. Please try us out!

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