Olives and Bananas

submitted by Amy Vervoort, Olives and Bananas

I’ve recently joined the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce. I’m not sure why I didn’t do this sooner!  I’m immensely glad I did now. The local support has already been amazing, and this adds another web of connections.

Olives and Bananas Wool Shop is more than a yarn shop, aiming to supply a wider range of fibre arts supplies from wool yarn to wool roving, felting tools, knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, macrame, cross stitch and embroidery. Natural fibres are at the heart of the shop, for both ethical and environmental reasons; slow fashion is an important key to a sustainable future.

Our community space is inclusive and welcoming to everyone. All ages join at the table to craft, or cozy up on a couch by the fireplace. Children can play with toys, books, and a rocking llama, and are always welcome at the shop.

Pets join us too, sometimes even sitting at the table!

We want this to be a safe space, where beginner crafters can mingle with lifelong artists, where there is no judgement, where we learn from one another.
In a world that has many people feeling alone and overwhelmed, fibre arts provide healing through the creative process and tactility. Wool is beautifully soft, making something beautiful and useful with wool is an achievement, the result is immeasurably satisfying.

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