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SYNERGY NORTH is responsible for distributing electricity to the City Of Thunder Bay and the City of Kenora. We build, plan & maintain the power line system for the two cities and provide 24-hour emergency response.

SYNERGY NORTH distributes electricity to over 56,000 customers via a network of over 1,400 kilometers of overhead and underground power lines between both service territories. The drive to do all of this comes from our staff of 142 employees.

We are a Northwestern distribution company proportionally owned by the City of Thunder Bay and City Of Kenora. We are managed by the SYNERGY NORTH Board of Directors, which consists of seven (7) members appointed by City Council.

SYNERGY NORTH strives to create efficiencies that allow us to invest in innovation, and ultimately deliver more value to northern customers.

For more information about SYNERGY NORTH and its services please visit: synergynorth.ca

SYNERGY NORTH. The Power of the North.

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