Thunder Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre

Mission Statement: To develop a sense of Native community in the City of Thunder Bay with opportunities for involvement and control by community members in addressing the issues that affect their lives.

History: In response to an increasing number of Native people migrating to Thunder Bay, the Thunder Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre was established in 1964. The original building was a small frame structure that served as a meeting place for the many young Native people in town. In 2014 we celebrated our 50th year of continued leadership in supporting the urban Aboriginal community of Thunder Bay.


  • To increase opportunities for Native People to gain access to services such as education, skills development, housing, justice, health and social services.
  • To strengthen the sense of sharing and belonging by increasing opportunities for participation by Native families and community members in improving areas of economical, political, social, cultural, educational, and recreational life in Thunder Bay.
  • To improve the image of Native people in Thunder Bay as a strong independent and self-sufficient community by developing strong sense of community spirit and community responsibility among Native people.
  • To develop a strong sense of pride amongst Native people based on a good understanding of our culture, traditions and values.
  • To provide opportunities for Native youth in Thunder Bay to develop their skills and leadership potential, and to increase their understanding of Native culture, traditions and values.
  • To develop facilities that will promote a positive Native identity and provide opportunities for participation in community social, recreational and cultural activities.

Programs offered by the Indian Friendship Centre include:

  • Justice – Aboriginal Community Council Program, Aboriginal Court Workers Program, Gladue Program & Youth Justice Committee Program.
  • Children, Youth & Families – Aboriginal Community Support Program [FASD], Aboriginal Family Support Program, Akwe:go Program [all of us], Wasa-Nabin Program [to look ahead], Aboriginal Children Wellness Program.
  • Literacy & Employment – Anishnawbe Skills Development Program [literacy], Apatisiwin Employment & Training Program [employment, training & jobs].
  • Healing & Wellness – Aboriginal Healing & Wellness Program, Kizhaay Anishnaabe Niin Program [I am a kind man], Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living Program, Aboriginal Alcohol & Drug Worker Program [treatment & aftercare], Life Long Care Program.

For more information please visit www.tbifc.ca or call (807) 345-5840

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