So I've Joined the Chamber...


Whether you’re a brand-new Member or are looking to get more out of your Membership, the recommendations below are designed to help you connect with Chamber programs and services as well as other Chamber Members.  Click here to download a printable pdf of this information.

Within 30 days, commit to:

  • Visiting this very page.  Check this one off your list, getting started is the hardest part!
  • Look at other Members’ information and check out the event calendar.
  • Download MemberPlus, the mobile app associated with ChamberMaster, our online membership database.
  • Log on to ChamberMaster to review your information and familiarize yourself with your on-site tools. (Membership Directory,  Member Discounts/Hot Deals, Event Calendar, etc.)
  • Add the Chamber member logo to your business website.
  • Follow us on Social Media:



Within 60 days, commit to:



Within 90 days, commit to:

Within 120 days, commit to:

  • Share your Chamber experience with someone that would benefit from Membership.
  • Questions about your Membership? Contact your Member Rep.
  • Attend a Chamber-hosted event (eg: After Business or Leaders Luncheon).
  • Look for additional engagement opportunities with your Chamber (eg: additional marketing and available targeted sponsorships).

Within 180 days, commit to:

  • Review your personal Member Engagement Summary sent to you by your Membership Services Representative to see how your membership is of benefit to you.
  • Review suggestions for making it even more valuable through further involvement with the Chamber.
  • Explore ways you can extend your business brand through Chamber advertising opportunities.
  • Submit a Member Testimonial.

Click here to download a printable pdf of this information.


Contact your Member Services Representative at (807) 624-2626