We recognize that workers have been impacted by the pandemic and higher cost of living. We also know that many businesses are struggling with the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, including cashflow constraints and the increased cost of doing business.

Businesses need time to plan and implement changes to minimum wage to ensure there are no unintended negative consequences such as job losses, service reductions, price increases or business closures.

The proposed 19.5% increase on wages for liquor servers is shocking at this time and unfairly targets the hospitality sector that has been so hard hit in the last 20 months.

We need this Government to do their part to help balance the needs of workers and businesses in these tough times.  There are many ways to do this including:

  • by reducing provincial income tax rates for low income workers (set at 5.05% on first $45,000 of income) to leave more money in the pockets of workers
  • by providing restaurants and bars with wholesale pricing on alcoholic beverages to help offset these proposed wage cost increases

What is the Ontario government doing to ensure small businesses can offset the increase in labour costs without cutting jobs, raising prices significantly or closing down completely?