Letter to Ontario Government: Request for Further Business Supports

Letter to Ontario Government: Request for Further Business Supports

Businesses have suffered greatly over the last 19 months and continue to face unprecedented cash flow constraints and uncertainty. Many have operated under reduced capacity for a significant amount of time and have had to hire additional staff to verify documents or to implement new staff for security purposes because of the COVID-19 vaccine certificate requirements. In addition, due to travel restrictions and the closure of the US-Canada border, tourism has been at an all-time low, further impacting these businesses.

Work Well, Live Well: Resilience Micro-steps

The great disruption of 2020 taught us many lessons, human nature is to forget what was learned and move onto the next event. Each of us have been stretched in many ways, which is why having a resilience toolkit to continually evaluate and adapt is crucial to living and working well. The capacity to manage everyday stressors while staying healthy, adapting, learning from setbacks, and preparing for future challenges proactively is one of the many definitions of resilience. The Resilience at Work model outlines a complimentary set of measures that are inter-related, not linear, scientifically researched, and consider all aspects of resilience – physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual (purpose and values).

Work Well, Live Well: Unplug to Recharge

Technology has altered the way we live, work, and connect. While it was a lifeline through the pandemic, we also learned about zoom fatigue, the effects of a 24/7 news cycle, and headline stress disorder. Where attention goes, energy flows, we only have so much energy to go around. Explore how to bring more screen/life balance into your daily routines.

Work Well, Live Well: Coping Strategies to Prevent or Overcome Burnout

Burnout is contagious, spreading like wildfire through families, teams, and organizations, the silent thief that robs productivity, purpose and meaning to the point of becoming cynical and doubting our abilities. There is a way back and while healing starts with the individual, immunity from burnout requires a village. Bring a team member and explore expectations, communicating boundaries, asking for help, and self-care.

Work Well, Live Well: Leaning into Change

The word that instills a sense of uncertainty each time we hear it’s coming. The only thing that stays the same is that everything changes, and yet we resist the inevitable. In this session we will explore the stages of change, build awareness of habitual tendencies, and how to make incremental changes in behaviour to navigate the ever-changing landscape of life.

Work Well, Live Well: Seasonal Stressors

Decreased hours of sunlight, year-end requirements, budgets restraints and deadlines coincide with the social and family commitments in December. When it comes to giving and receiving, we can fall into the trap of doing things or giving gifts out of guilt. Managing expectations and maintaining healthy boundaries requires frank and honest conversations about what is manageable given the reality of resources, time, and or money.