TBDHU Information on Vaccination of Essential Workers

April 7, 2021

Information on vaccination of essential workers from the Thunder Bay District Health Unit

Ontario’s COVID-19 Vaccination Plan indicates that vaccine rollout transitions to Phase 2 in April. TBDHU is following guidance from the Ministry of Health on Phase 2 Vaccination Prioritization to identify what groups will be prioritized and in what sequence. TBDHU aims to ensure equitable access to vaccines for all of the priority groups in phase 2. However, there are many groups and a step-wise approach is needed to facilitate vaccination for everyone who is willing and eligible. 

For essential workers who cannot work from home, TBDHU will offer vaccines to those identified in the First Group and will then proceed to those in the Second Group, as outlined in Phase 2 prioritization document linked above. Detailed information is provided on the TBDHU website and employers are encouraged to visit TBDHU.com/WhoIsEligible (under Secondary Priority). 

Ontarians are recommended to seek the soonest available opportunity to be vaccinated. Select local pharmacies will also be offering AstraZeneca/ COVISHIELD vaccines for adults aged 55 and over. Those who are eligible can visit COVID-19 Pharmacy Vaccine Locations for participating pharmacies and contact information. Indigenous adults in Thunder Bay and surrounding area can also check with Anishnawbe Muskiki or Ontario Native Women’s Association about vaccine eligibility. People living in Thunder Bay District communities can check TBDHU.com/districtvaccines for vaccine clinic information. 

TBDHU is currently in the planning phase for enabling essential workers to be vaccinated. More information will be posted online as soon as it is available. In the meantime, TBDHU is asking that employers designate ONE contact person to be in communication regarding vaccination of staff. In the coming days, TBDHU will be requesting this information. Thank you for your patience with this process.

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